5 Reasons Why winter Is The Best Weather For Outdoor Activities

The hot days of summer are officially behind us. It is now time to take on a new life; to embrace the chilly mornings and warm afternoons of winter. Any outdoors enthusiast knows that winter is the perfect weather for camping, hiking, and almost all other outdoor activities that you can think of. Here are 5 good reasons why you should save your outdoor plans for winter.

1.      Best season for solitude and solo activities

Are you an introvert? If you are, then you know how chaotic summer can be. Introverts hate the open-air parties and overcrowded outdoor activities of summer. That is why fall is their season. This is the season when thoughtfulness and solitude take over. Everything slows down at this time of year, giving you a chance to recharge and enjoy life after enduring the chaos of summer. You can, for example, take a walk in a park peacefully and quietly as many tourists have flown back home. The crowds of noisy kids and loud teenagers are gone.

Enjoying alone time as you walk around the seemingly abandoned beaches is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see along the coastline. Children are starting school now and their parents are mostly indoors at this time. Roaming the half-empty streets as you watch the colorful leaves fall is fascinating to say the least.

2.      Perfect temperatures

The sunny afternoons of summer are over, but it isn’t wintering cold just yet. The temperatures have dropped and the humidity in the air is at its lowest, making it a perfect time to run outside or take part in intense exercises. Your workout performance will actually be better in fall than at any other time of the year because your chances of dehydration are low, less humidity means lesser body stress, and reduced heat reduces the chances of your body overheating.

As you excise outside during winter, you enjoy the stunning sight of the sun crest in the east every morning and enjoy the mild mid-day sun. You can camp more comfortably at this time of the year and go trekking at whichever time of the day you choose to without having to endure hot mid-day sun of summer or feeling suffocated by humidity.

If you love playing paintball, there isn’t a better time to play outdoors- in the woods- than during winter. You will get the chance to feel cool winds blow through your hair and the mild sun warm your whole body as you play. Depending on the paintball gun that you choose, make sure to choose a nice one that doesn’t deflect from the light wind blows that are present during the season. You definitely will enjoy some quality time with Mother Nature. This will also be a great bonding activity for both you and your friends as the game itself involves laughter, fun and physical exercise

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3.      The scenery is amazing

winter mornings are always crisp and the evenings cool. Factor in the beauty of the bursts of color and the carpets of fallen leaves and you have the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see. Not unless you are still fixated on summer, you will agree that there isn’t another season that’s nearly as excitingly beautiful as springtime.

4.      It’s prime time for an array of different camp activities

Camping is as good in winter as it is in summer, if not better. The comfort that comes with sunny fall afternoons and the brisk refreshing fall mornings make camping in this season an absolute pleasure. Being in the woods this time of the year allows you to enjoy the sight of breathtaking fall foliage as you enjoy the plentiful outdoor activities that come with winter. Some of the fun camping activities in winter include:

·        Apple picking: If you can find a good campground that is near an apple orchard, you will have the best daytime activities this fall picking apples with friends. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

·        Pumpkin carving: Pumpkins are plenty this time of year. You can choose to buy some at the supermarket or pick some from your campground. Pumpkin carving is arguably one of the best, most unique activities anyone can do around the campfire at night.




5.      Perfect time for bird watching

Most bird species migrate in fall, so you will have the perfect chance of seeing the world’s most beautiful birds. Some will be flying in from far away land while those native to your area will be migrating in readiness for winter.


When the leaves start to fall, then you know winter is here. The mornings are getting chillier, the afternoon sun is getting milder, and the days appear to be shorter than summer days. But this shouldn’t spell doom on your fun outdoor plans. The five fun activities above will help you celebrate this exciting season to the fullest.

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