The best gifts and souvenirs from Malaga

Souvenirs always bring back memories of happy moments and fantastic places we travel to, and Malaga is, without no doubt, a place you won’t want to forget. Even if they are for a relative or a friend, it will be a sign that you thought of them while you were having tapas and watching the sunset in La Malagueta beach. So, if you want to know which are the best souvenirs you can buy in Malaga, read on!


The biznagas of Malaga are a flowers bouquet made of jasmine with stem made of nerdo (a kind of thistle that is collected before summer). The origin of the word “biznaga” comes from the Arabic: “gift of God”. They are made by inserting the jasmine flowers in a ball shape around the stem while they are still closed, so that when the night comes they open up giving off a delicious aroma.

The “biznagueros” are the street sellers of biznagas, which are placed in the streets of the center of Malaga during spring and summer, especially during the Feria of Malaga. Do not hesitate to approach a biznaguero when you pass by Larios Street to buy this beautiful souvenir from Malaga.



Pottery is a very typical crafting ability of all Andalusia, probably because of the Arab influence that still remains in this region. You can find ceramics with mosaics or other Andalusian motifs in any souvenir shop in Malaga. Also, next to the Cathedral of Málaga, you can find a fantastic shop of creative ceramics called “Alfajar”.


Typical food and wine of Malaga

Remembering your trip to Malaga will give you nostalgia, but at least it will taste better if you are eating a traditional dish, don’t you think? Remember the smells and tastes of the city of Malaga in your own home with some olives, a tapa of salami, almonds… Our favourite place is the Mercado de Atarazanas, which offers a wide variety of options and you can also buy it vacuum packed in case you go by plane. We already thought of everything!

If you loved Malaga wines and you don’t have to fly, you can always take a bottle of wine from the province with you. The wine from this area is very sweet due to the large amount of sunshine that the fields receive and the type of grapes that are harvested. We recommend you the Virgin Malaga, the Moscatel or the Pedro Ximénez.

vinos de Málaga


The Castañuelas (castanets) are a wooden musical instrument, used in Spanish popular music, especially in flamenco and other folk dances. It consists of two pieces of wood tied together with strings that are placed on the thumb. The bass castanet is placed in the left hand and the treble castanet in the right hand.

You can find castañuelas of very different colours and with different Andalusian motifs in any souvenir shop. It is a very original gift, which can also encourage people to learn how to play them.


Picasso’s prints

Malaga is the birthplace of the great and internationally known painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso. In any souvenir shop you will find prints with paintings and sketches of the artist, as well as ceramics with motifs from his paintings. Also, in the Picasso Museum and in the Picasso Home Foundation, you can buy official souvenirs related to the painter and his paintings.


Láminas de Picasso

Olive Oil

Andalusian olive oil is known in Spain as “liquid gold“. Andalusia is a land of olive trees and the province of Malaga is not spared. Near the Church of San Juan you can find the shop “La Recova”, where you can buy an excellent oil with the best olives from the villages of the province of Malaga. A toast with some of this oil and you won’t want to try any other one!

aceite de oliva

Flamenco dress and fans

Andalusia is the land of flamenco, and in Málaga you can find beautiful flamenco dresses. But, be careful! If you want a real flamenco dress do not buy the flamenco dresses from the souvenir shops, because they are made for tourists. We recommend you the little shops in Cisneros street or Especerias street. There you can find a real flamenco dress, but of course, get your wallet ready! The flamenco dresses that Andalusian women wear to the Feria are usually made by hand and with quality fabric, so prices range from 200 euros upwards.

If you don’t want to spend that much money, but would like to take a flamenco souvenir with you, don’t hesitate to buy some accessories, such as flowers for your hair, flamenco earrings or a fan. Fans are a very Andalusian symbol and in Málaga you can find shops dedicated exclusively to them, with a great variety of styles, colours and motifs. Some of them are a real work of art and besides, they can save you from the heat in the Capital of the Costa del Sol!

vestidos de flamenca y abanicos

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