What to Visit in Seville at Christmas

The year has a lot of parties to celebrate with the family, in conviviality, with enthusiasm...but there is something about Christmas that can be lived more intensely, especially by the children of the house.

One of the cities that we most recommend enjoying Christmas with passion is Seville. Where there is a special lively atmosphere with numerous public events and interesting proposals that will make your Christmas magical. Below, we will give you some ideas where you will choose Seville as a safe destination.


The best Christmas plans in Seville

Christmas in Seville has many traditional plans that you can sign up for. For this reason, we are going to provide you with a guide to the events you can attend.

Firstly, Christmas in Seville begins with the traditional lighting of the lights on 29th November, which every year has new creations in Avenida de la Constitucion, la Campana, Alfonso XII, Plaza del Salvador and Asunción, where you can enjoy a light show from 6.30 pm until 11 pm.

You will be able to make routes of nativity scenes and guided visits by the Alcázar and the Cathedral. In addition, you can visit the Christmas exhibition of converted sweets.

For the little ones, Sevilla has a range of activities, for example, the marine animal parade that runs along Avenida de la Constitución on 28th and 29th December at 8 pm. 

We cannot forget the many Christmas concerts that take place at Christmas time from November 29th.

Mushrooms of Seville at Christmas


What to do in Seville at Christmas

Seville has many things to do, enjoy and see that will make even a simple stroll through the historic centre wonderful. The city has Christmas lights and decorations that extend to every part of the city and make it beautiful.

You can enjoy Christmas with the little ones at home by going skating on the city’s various ice rinks. Enjoy the Apeadero Hall of the Alcázar de los Reyes Magos.

We also recommend our guided tours of the Real Alcázar of Seville.

You can also stroll through places where there are light shows, where you will enjoy the choirs of bell ringers who, with their flamenco art, make traditional carols sound in a different way, which will make Christmas very pleasant for the little ones.

Children Skating at Christmas


The Nativity Scene in Seville

If there is something special about Christmas it is full of small traditional details, such as the Nativity scene. In Seville, you can go on a route where you can see the many nativity scenes that are set up for these festivities. You can find them in convents, churches, associations, or companies in the city.

We would like to highlight some of the most striking nativity scenes. Among these we can highlight the Hebrew crib of the San Juan de Dios hospital, the Cribs whose secondary figures are the Easter Steps, the Playmobil crib or the living crib organised by the Soledad de Alcalá del Río brotherhood.

In addition to this route we wanted to tell you that Seville has a Nativity Fair, one of the most important in Spain, and you will find it next to the Archive of Indies and the Cathedral, where you can acquire the typical portals, figures or sweets.

Figuras de Belén de Sevilla


Christmas Markets in Seville

Other qualities that characterise Seville at Christmas are its street markets. These are in different parts of the city. One of the first ones you can visit is the Nervión Christmas market, where you can buy all kinds of Christmas products and gifts.

Taking advantage of the fact that you are in the centre of the city, we recommend you our Free Tour Seville and our guided tours with a specialised guide in the Cathedral of Seville.

Next, you can visit the Christmas craft market in Plaza Nueva, where you will find an assortment of Typical Christmas craft figures. This market is promoted by the Seville Federation of Craftsmen.

Not forgetting the Nativity Fair described above.

Feria de Belenes


Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in Seville

Going into special dates, such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Firstly, you can visit different convents in the city to listen to the peculiar Christmas Eve mass. Secondly, you can enjoy the family dinner in different restaurants waiting for 12 o’clock at night to go to the famous Midnight Mass at the Jubilee altar of the Cathedral.

On December 31st, a date known to everyone as New Year’s Eve, different activities take place on this peculiar night. On the afternoon of the 31st, you can go and see the San Silvestre race which starts in the Plaza de España. At night, in your best clothes, you can go to the Plaza Nueva where some of the Sevillians will come to drinks the grapes.

Afterwards, to enjoy the night, you can celebrate the New Year in numerous cotillions created by some restaurants, pubs, or hotel establishments. We want to emphasize that there is a party that is celebrated sailing in the Guadalquivir.

Misa del Gallo de Sevilla

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