What to do for free in Málaga


If you are planning to visit Malaga and are on a tight budget, you have nothing to worry about. Malaga is a city that offers a great variety of cultural and leisure plans according to your preferences. Read on to discover different plans that you can enjoy in Malaga for free:

A day at the beach

Without a doubt, the sea, the sand and the sound of the waves are Malaga’s hallmark. Spending a day at the beach costs nothing and you will have a fun with the best company. You can go with friends, family or children and everyone will enjoy it! Walking along the promenade after being on the beach is not only healthy, but it will also give you peace and relax. Among the beaches that stand out in Malaga are La Malagueta or El Palo beach.

Beach of Misericordia


Landscape from Gibralfaro

Going up to the Mirador de Gibralfaro is undoubtedly one of the best free plans that the city of Malaga has to offer. Enjoying the views of the port, the sea and the houses located on the coast makes us feel that we do not need anything else to plan a perfect afternoon. This is because this Parador de Málaga, together with the Gibralfaro Castle that gives it its name, provides us with a spectacular landscape that lovers of photography will undoubtedly enjoy.

precios para visitar el castillo de gibralfaro


A walk along the Malaga Quayside

Walking around this area of Malaga gives us the opportunity to continue enjoying the Malaga coast. Throughout the walk it is possible to find benches where you can sit down and enjoy the walk of tourists and people from Malaga, as well as to rest after a long walk. It is usually crowded with people, as it offers a view of the sea that will convey the calm you are looking for.

Quayside of Malaga

Take a tour of Malaga’s churches

In terms of heritage wealth, Malaga is not far behind. Malaga has beautiful churches where you can enjoy the beauty of their altarpieces. Among them all, we can highlight the Church of Santiago, the Church of the Sacred Heart and the Church of the Holy Martyrs. Among other curiosities, Pablo Picasso was baptised in the Church of Santiago. Don’t miss it!

Tours visiting the Churches of Malaga

Visit museums 

Without a doubt, Malaga has a very extensive cultural agenda and enjoying the large number of museums offers us a very simple plan. On Sundays, from 16:00 onwards, free entrance to the museums is available.

Automobile and Fashion Museum

At the Automobile and Fashion Museum you will have the opportunity to learn more about the automotive world. You will be able to see second-hand vehicles of such luxury brands as Ferrari or Bugati. In a simple visit you will appreciate the great variety of models from all periods. Without a doubt, this is a must for car lovers.

If you are not so fond of cars but, on the other hand, you are passionate about the world of fashion, this is also your place. In this museum you will find haute couture suits and you will be able to travel to another era where manufacturing is essential to understand the context. In this way, you will be fully introduced to the world of fashion.

Centre Pompidou Malaga

The Centre Pompidou in Malaga is a great opportunity to stroll around the city’s Quay at the same time as you get into the world of contemporary art. Just by observing its peculiar façade we get a slight idea of what we will find inside. We are lucky enough to have temporary exhibitions on a wide range of contemporary art themes, and on Sundays entrance is free from four o’clock!

Centre Pompidou Malaga

Interactive Music Museum

As you can see, Malaga offers plans for all tastes. This museum is ideal for music lovers, who will find exhibitions on instruments with which they can interact. Moreover, young children will surely love it too.

Concepcion Botanical Garden

The Concepcion Botanical Garden is recognised as one of the most exuberant tropical gardens in Europe and is located right in Malaga! You will have the possibility to enjoy a great variety of beautiful plants and flowers, to get to know thousands of different species and to appreciate the pleasant smells that each one of them gives off. Moreover, the photographs offered by this place will be the perfect souvenir of a magnificent day. Sundays will be shorter than never for all the plans to enjoy!

Rose from the Concepcion Botanical Garden

In this list we show you a small idea about the cultural and leisure range that this city offers us. There are no excuses not to enjoy it. Whenever you feel like living a beautiful experience in this Andalusian city, do not hesitate to count on the services offered by our tour professionals in guided tours in Malaga such as the guided trip to El Caminito del Rey and the exclusice Free Tour in Malaga. Let’s enjoy!

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